Scott's Bio

Name: Scott Styles
Location: Houston, Texas
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190 lbs

I’ve been in porn awhile now, and still going. Since the summer of ’96. Here’s the story so far.


The Late Bloomer Syndrome

I was your normal kid with a normal middle class upbringing… and I loved playing baseball and other sports, and did well academically. But when High School came along, my friends and classmates hit adolescence, and I became a seriously late bloomer.

First College, Then Rocket Science

I played a year of Junior College baseball, went to a small 4-year college in North Texas, and went to graduate school at Texas A&M University. I got bachelors and masters degrees in physics, and started working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center as a Space Shuttle systems engineer in Mission Operations.

After a few years of inspiring times at Johnson Space Center, living a fantasy of sorts, I started to get extremely bored… to the point where I started my own little fitness/personal training business on the side. The business took off, and after 6 months I quit my engineering job and pursued my fitness career full time. That lasted another 3 years, until I decided to get into porn.


Being Drawn to Porn

The decision to get into porn was a 3 year process itself. I visited my first strip club when I was 24, and “discovered” porn shortly afterwards, when I was in graduate school.

Fast forward to when I was working at NASA…

I went to see a few porn stars perform at strip clubs in Houston, and one of them was Keisha. I’ll leave the details out, but we talked for a while, she thought I was a gentleman, and that I might bring something positive to porn, so she gave me her phone # and told me that if I was ever serious about getting into porn, that I’d have to move to LA first, and that she’d help out.

Three years later, while still personal training, I decided it was time for LA. I sent some letters with photos to a handful of people, including Keisha (I had lost her phone number), and she responded to me via email. Keisha and I corresponded by email, and she filled me in on the pros and cons about porn as a career… and from that I decided it was worth a try. After I was satisfied that I’d be able to make it in LA without selling my soul, I sent another handful of letters/photos to the companies and agents that she suggested.

Coming to Los Angeles

About a week or so later, Jim South, the agent of agents in porn at the time, called and told me that I should come to his offices (World Modeling) in LA for a “talent call” on May 23rd. I flew to LA and met Jim and the masses of porn stars and company representatives who were there to meet the new talent. I was well-received, but everyone told me they’d hire me AFTER I had proven myself working for someone else, and AFTER I moved to LA. My trip to LA lasted just that day, and I flew back to Houston early the next morning.

Jim South took an uncharacteristic gamble on me as new male talent and booked me for a fairly “unrisky” scene for the following month. The scene involved oral sex with Nikki Sin, and only softcore footage was to be shown. The scene went well, and I was very happy to spend my BIRTHDAY working on my first porn job with Nikki Sin! It was a coincidence that they booked it for June 19th, my birthday, but when Jim’s office called me in Houston to see if I could fly out for the scene on that date, I wasn’t about to miss my first opportunity.

After that the word got out that I’d done my first scene, and within a couple weeks I had a couple of shoots lined up for early July. That’s when I decided to make the big move.

Making the Move to LA

On July 6th I started the trek from Houston to LA in my Chevy Blazer packed full of everything important. I rolled into LA the following afternoon, and checked into a hotel near World Modeling. The next morning was the shoot… with Shayla LaVeaux for VCA’s “Shayla’s Swim Party”. And after that shoot I started meeting more people and getting more work.

I stayed at the hotel for 4 nights, and moved into a rental house that Suze Randall, a renowned men’s magazine photographer, owned near Santa Monica. I was to shoot for Suze with Margo Stevens for a boy/girl layout on Friday of that first week, and Suze asked me where I lived. I told her I was staying in a hotel until I found a place, and that’s when she offered her place for a couple weeks.

While at Suze’s place, I found the closest gyms to be in Venice. Well, the gyms in Venice happen to be amongst the best anywhere, and so I decided to look for a more permanent place to live in the West LA/Santa Monica area.

During those two weeks I continued to meet more directors, photographers, porn stars, go to events, and so on… and I found my first “home” in LA. It was a town home in Brentwood, and I rented a room from a great lady who owned the town home. I told her that I was a personal trainer/actor at first, and within a month or so she figured out that there was more to the story due to my schedule and vagueness about events, but I came clean about everything and she was fine with it all. We became great friends, and kept in touch for quite a while after that.


The Rest of the Story

I worked for about 8 months, doing roughly 30 video scenes and 30 boy/girl magazine shoots, before another opportunity called. While I was having the time of my life, I went back to Texas for a year to pursue a health/fitness related business opportunity, with the intention of coming back to Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The business in Texas took just over a year, and then I made my way back to LA and to the adult industry… and have been working in movies, magazines, cable tv and more, ever since, which has led to producing some of my own dvds, building websites, and developing a web-related business.

I stay busy working for adult film companies, Playboy TV, Spice TV, various cable projects, B movies, occasionally writing for various magazines and websites, managing a select group of websites, developing internet/website related products, and producing dvds for my own Rocket Science Productions & Scott Styles Productions.

A career change from rocket scientist to porn star was quite a transition… and it was a rush to be accepted into porn, and immersed in quite a different industry and lifestyle. Making the move to LA was exciting and full of uncertainty, but it was one of those things that I would have regretted NOT doing… I was just drawn to it. And the decision is one that I’d make again in a heartbeat.

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