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Pre order of Scott Styles... Solo 2!

You pay $100 now and get one of my current DVDs (Sex Organs of the Human Male, How to be a Better Lover) sent to you now, plus ONE month membership to my website. And I'll send you the new Scott Styles Solo 2 DVD as soon as it comes out!


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3 Pack DVD - DVDs 3 Pack DVD

Collection of 3 DVD's that includes:

Scott Styles Solo DVD
Sex Organs of the Human Male
My Better Lover Video



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The wait is REALLY over.

A SOLO Scott DVD, shot just for his fans! Full hair as well as shaved footage. The dvd evolved to something a little different, but I don't think anyone will mind.

Scene 1: Hairy. Welcum to my home... a dinner table scene with a grand finale.

Scene 2: Hairy. A candid Thank You to those who preordered the video, followed by stripping out of jeans, and JO on the sofa.

Scene 3: Shaved. Post workout shorts/thong, and sofa JO. Includes a little bonus that will surprise everyone ;-)

Scene 4: Shaved. Shot in Hawaii. Scott enjoys beautiful scenery on his porch, and JO is all over the place!



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Sex Organs of the Human Male - DVDs Sex Organs of the Human Male
"I'd like to welcome you to today's lesson, which is Sex Organs of the Human Male. I'm Scott Styles, and I'll be your instructor. Now, I must caution you that this is a special session of this course, because I've decided to dispense with the usual charts and diagrams, and instead, present my own sex organs for your examination."

"So yes, I will totally nude throughout most of this lesson".

Click HERE to view a preview.


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My Better Lover Video - DVDs My Better Lover Video
3 awesome scenes... me with a different girl in each, plus "coaching" snippets scattered throughout. Discussing ORAL, SEX positions, and AFTERPLAY, as well as candid conversations about the difference between REAL sex and PORN sex.

Bottom Line is that this video is the REAL Scott, naked, being himself with 3 different chicks, with many candid moments, as well as plenty of sex.


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